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Skyline Projects of the Month: March 2014


Here are some more fantastic display solutions the Skyline Team have had the privilege to work on recently.

Client: Sydney Roosters Rugby League Club

Display Solution: 6 Metre Serpentine Stretch Fabric Wall

Sydney Roosters Media Wall

Client: Minitab Pty Ltd

Display Solution: Exalt and Arrive Display System Graphic Reskin.

Minitab Exalt & Arrive 

Client: CSA Services

Display Solution: Transaction Table with IPAD & Literature Holder.

CSA Services Transaction Table 

Client: MYOB Australia

Display Solution: Existing Client owned Mirage Pop-Up display Graphic Reskin.

MYOB Mirage Display 

To find out how Skyline can help you stand out in the crowd in 2014, contact the Skyline Sales & Marketing team on 1800 077 419 or email us.

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