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Skyline Projects of the Month: August 2014

July was a busy month for delivery display solutions for our partners at events like QME, IGA Metcash and TSXPO.

Here are just a few of the solutions provided last month:

Client:WEG Australia

Event: QME 2014

Event Venue: Mackay Showground

Booth Size: 6x6m Back Wall

Display Solution:PictureCube and PictureScape Display Back Wall Purchase with Inliten Tower and Reception Counter Rental with Skyline Show Services for two events.

Feedback from Fabio Brunatti from WEG: “I just had a chat with Graham and the impression we had was the same! Fantastic work from you (Truin Chapman) and Skyline”.

WEG Australia 

Client:Kaydon Cooper

Event: QME 2014

Event Venue: Mackay Showground

Booth Size: 6x3m Back Wall

Display Solution:Tube Display System Hardware Rental utilising existing client graphics and Fabric Ring with Skyline Show Services.

Feedback from Stuart Goates from Kaydon Cooper: “Fantastic service, can’t fault them. Carl Choo takes customer service to another level”.

Kaydon Cooper 

Client:Corso Pacific

Event: QME 2014

Event Venue: Mackay Showground

Booth Size: 6x3m Corner

Display Solution:Tube Display System & Display Counter Hardware Rental with Branded Fabric Graphics and Skyline Show Services.

Corso Pacific 

Client:Central Queensland University – CQU

Event: TSXPO 2014

Event Venue: RNA Showground, Brisbane

Booth Size: 6x7m Back Wall

Display Solution:Inliten & Stratus Table Hardware Rental utilising existing client graphics with Skyline Show Services.

Central Queensland University 

Client:TAFE Queensland

Display Solution: Mirage and Transaction Table portable DYI display solutions for ongoing TAFE Queensland events.

TAFE Queensland Display 1  TAFE Queensland Display 2 

To find out how Skyline can tailor a solution to meet your unique needs and objective, contact the Skyline Sales & Marketing team on 1800 077 419 or email us.

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