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Skyline Display Projects of the Month: May 2015


The Skyline team believes the success of every organisation is anchored in the way it builds relationships on a face-to-face level.

Here are just a few of the clients we have assisted recently with display and graphic solutions to help them build relationships at their events:

Client: Tunstall Healthcare
Event: Connect 2015
Event Venue: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
Display Space: 6×3 Metre Corner Booth
Display Solution: PictureScape and DesignView Display Solution with Double Transaction Table and Skyline Show Services.

Client Feedback: “Everything’s going well; we’re getting some great traction and comments on the new display. They’ve all said it stands out among the other booths, we’re in a great position for foot traffic, and the ‘Bringing care home’ theme tied with the lounge room is resonating really well with the delegates”.

Tunstall Healthcare Display

Client: Westside BMW and Brisbane BMW
Event: Shopping Centre Promotions
Event Venues: Indooroopilly and Chermside Shopping Centres
Display Solution: Inliten Branded Light Boxes, White Raised Flooring and Skyline Install and Dismantle Services.

Westside BMW
Brisbane BMW

Client: ACS Financial
Event: Australian Christian Churches (ACC) National Conference
Event Venue: Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
Display Space: 6×3 Metre Back Wall Booth
Display Solution: PictureScape and DesignView Display Solution with Transaction Tables.

ACS Financial Display

Client: Fisher and Paykel Healthcare
Event: Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand (PSANZ) Congress
Event Venue: Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne
Display Space: 6×3 Metre Island Booth
Display Solution: SkyTruss and Tube Display System with Skyline Show Services.

Fisher & Paykel @ PSANZ 1
Fisher & Paykel @ PSANZ 2

To find out how Skyline can tailor a display and graphic solution to help you build relationships on a face-to-face level in 2015, contact the Skyline Sales & Marketing team on 1800 077 419 or email us.

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