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A Revolutionary New Exhibit System By Skyline.

The First Air-powered Display Solution in the World.

This ultra-lightweight system can stand alone or integrate into Skyline’s existing structural systems.



Innovative, tool-less and perfectly seamless. A 3 metre back wall display can pack down into a case small enough to check-in on a plane! Light and compact packaging and the quick and easy set up and dismantle greatly reduces exhibiting costs.

Fastest Set-Up Ever!

No more waiting for your cases to arrive on your stand.
Wheel it in, unpack, push the button and minutes later you can be on your way to collecting leads.

It’s so Easy!

No Tools Required. Stress-free exhibiting is now at your fingertips.
Simply unpack, connect the hose and push a button…minutes later your display will be up and looking great.

So Flexible

You can quickly and easily change your brand messaging or add unique call outs and standoffs to draw attention to your logo or specific brand messaging.

The Ultimate Lightweight Display

Save your Back & Budget. No more heavy hardware to lug around and setup. Windscape™ is extremely lightweight as the structural components are fabric that become rigid when filled with air.


Why You Should Consider WindScape™?
Ease, Speed, Flexibility

Ease, packing size and ultra-quick installation make WindScape™ a perfect solution for your sales force or remote branch locations.

Exhibiting Cost Reductions

Realise a Quicker Return On Investment!

  • Reduce shipping costs – tabletop and 3 metre back walls travel with you
  • Significantly lower freight, logistics and storage costs
  • Eliminate time waiting for cartons and cases to return to your booth space
  • Save time and money on display set-up and dismantle
Windscape Wall


Customise Your Display Look and Function

  • Fabric graphics come pre-installed on the frame and are easy to change
  • Lighting helps you get noticed
  • Changeable graphic overlays help showcase your messages
  • iPad, Tablet and LCD mounting package allows for seamless Audio Visual integration
  • Hard Shipping Case converts to a functional table that’s customisable

46 Shapes Available

Whether you’re looking for do-it-yourself 3 metre back wall display or a lightweight low labour large booth display solution installed by someone else, The Skyline WindScape™ offers durable solutions, high definition, wrinkle-free graphics and unique shapes not possible with traditional trade show products.


Modular Small to Medium Display Booths


Portable Solutions


Hanging Ring Solutions


Towers, Conference Rooms and Signage Solutions


Island Exhibit Solutions


Images (Gallery)

Resources (Instruction Manuals)

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