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Tube Display Kiosk

Skyline Tube Display Kiosks are perfect for marketers that want big, bold graphics integrated into their product or demonstration kiosks.

With a variety of graphic options and a host of repositionable accessories, you can create nearly any look to meet any need.


Structural, versatile Tube Ultra

Skyline kiosks utilise Tube Ultra. Tube Ultra is structural for support, yet sleek and lightweight for portability. Both round and square components have slots running the length of the tube so you can position graphics and accessories where they best fit your needs.

Compelling, easy-to-install graphics

Various graphic styles and finishes are available to add impact to your marketing message and help you to stand out in the crowd. All options are designed for ease of use and transport.

Single-case portability

Most kiosks are designed to fit in a single case with wheels for easy transport.


Accessories for every occasion

Ccomputer cases

Demonstrations are easy with our sleek notebook computer case that is lockable and ventilated to protect components.

Larger lockable case secures computer towers, gaming or AV equipment and is ventilated to protect components.


Available in a variety of shapes and finishes, product shelves are easily repositioned for your specific product needs.

Profile shapes and graphics

Solid profile shapes create interest and can be overlayed with graphics.


Highlight products and graphics with elegant and powerful telescopic lights.

Audio visual integration

Seamlessly integrate LCD Monitors, iPad’s, Tablets and other Audio Visual presentation devices utilising Skyline audio visual mounts.

Ultimate flexibility

Meet your specific objectives by mixing and matching a combination of accessories including graphics, shelves and AV mounting equipment.

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