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SkyTruss Custom Modular Display

SkyTruss Exhibit System

SkyTruss lets you create multiple looks with the same reconfigurable components.

SkyTruss comes in straight and curved sections that have universal connectors giving you unlimited design potential.

Its superior strength supports heavy product and large monitors for audio visual presentations. SkyTruss also folds down for efficient shipping and storage.



Easy to assemble

SkyTruss comes in easy to handle sections (up to 1.2 metres tall) that connect with universal joints. All you need to assemble a SkyTruss solution is one allen key.

Sturdy and structural

SkyTruss´ sturdy metal framing allows you to build to great heights and achieve the feeling of mass with a relatively small footprint.
You can build your exhibit above the show floor with towers and bridges – leaving your exhibit space open for business.

Graphic impact!

Because SkyTruss has flat surfaces, you can magnet-attach a variety of graphics – from colourful vinyl trim to massive fabric banners that provide amazing impact and value. Graphics can be created to completely clad the SkyTruss hardware or can leave it exposed for a more industrial look. Fabric graphic panels are lightweight and attach quickly and easily.

Expands with you

Versatile SkyTruss reconfigures to fit your changing needs. You can start small and, using your existing components, add to your exhibit as you grow or use portions of your larger exhibit for smaller shows. And since Skyline graphics are easy to change, you can update your graphics as your marketing message evolves. SkyTruss is also available for hire whether you want to rent the entire booth hardware to just additional components.

Folds down for savings!

SkyTruss sections fold down and pack compactly in cases or crates so you save on shipping and storage costs. Even curved sections fold down!

SkyTruss accessories

Give your exhibit greater appeal and functionality with the wide variety of SkyTruss accessories. SkyTruss lets you attach accessories with magnets, clamps and brackets almost anywhere, letting you create a custom design to suit your specific needs.

SkyTruss Modular Display 1
SkyTruss Modular Display 2
SkyTruss Modular Display 3


Customise your SkyTruss display system with stylish and functional accessories

Skyline will design a tailored SkyTruss solution for you – to suit your space, branding and/or functional requirements. Here are just some of the SkyTruss accessory options:

  • Lights and built in light boxes to make your graphics and space pop!
  • Seamlessly integrate large Monitors, iPad’s, Tablets and other Audio Visual presentation devices
  • Heavy Duty shelving for literature or product
  • Marquee Headers for additional branding space
  • Cable Suspended Graphics for added depth or messaging that will regularly change
  • Integrate Heavy Duty counters, tables, benches and workstations
  • Fabric Structures for high level signage and impact

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