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Mirage Pop-Up Display

Skyline Mirage frames are the most durable in the industry.

With a Skyline Mirage you will always look your best – from your first event and well into the future.

The options are almost endless with Mirage. modular and versatile, Skyline’s Mirage is more than just a pop-up display!



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Most durable pop-up display available

Mirage frames are the most durable in the industry. If impacted, they bounce back without damage. Skyline Mirage hardware has a lifetime warranty.

Seamless and easy to update graphics

Mirage is designed to give you a smooth, seamless look. Flexible panels easily attach with special polarised magnets that give you the best fit and look possible.

Mirage hardware is designed to last so we also create your Mirage graphic panels with the highest quality materials to ensure a longer life. When you need to update your look, your graphic panels can be easily reskinned as your message changes. You can even add graphics to the rear of the frame to create a double-sided display.

Quick and easy to install

Our lightweight, self-locking frame instantly pops up and into place with magnetic connectors. Panels also attach with magnets.

Easy to transport cases

Mirage comes with the option of either oval or square cases. Both styles are engineered to the highest quality to ensure the protection of your display. Mirage cases come with wheels for easy transportation. Add valuable workspace by turning your cases into an attractive display table with our case table conversion kit.

Modular & versatile

With a range of heights, widths, panel options, accessories and configurations, Mirage is more than just a pop-up display. Mirage is both modular and versatile making it easy to turn a pop-up into a unique portable modular exhibit. We can design a Mirage solution to suit any need or budget. The options are almost endless with Mirage.


The options are almost endless with Mirage.

Skyline can design a tailored Mirage display solution for you – to suit your space, branding and/or functional requirements.

  • Wide range Mirage of display package options offering various heights and widths
  • Curved or straight frame options
  • Single or double-sided graphics
  • 2.4 metre high systems ideals for trade shows, exhibitions and conferences
  • Lower level models are perfect for shopping centres with height restrictions
  • Join multiple mirage units together to create unique gullwing or serpentine shapes for bigger booth spaces
  • Case table conversion – convert your cases into a functional branded workstation
  • Back lit standard or bubble panels – add impact and a glow to your messaging
  • Marquee header – add depth to your messaging or branding
  • Detachable Graphics – allow you to easily up-date or interchange your messaging or imagery
  • Add lights to illuminate your display and booth
  • Product or Literature Shelves
  • Peg bars and apparel racks
  • Audio visual display – integrate LCD Monitors, iPad’s and Tablets directly onto your Mirage display

View the Image Gallery below to see Mirage’s versatility for yourself.

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