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Skyline Inliten Display System

Inliten Display System

Inliten is the innovative structural display system that has been designed to give you the most dynamic and flexible exhibit possible.

Bring your marketing message and corporate image into a new dimension with Skyline’s Inliten Display System.



Sleek and sturdy system

With its sturdy steel frame, Inliten gives you a structural display that is perfect for merchandising and displaying product. It’s modular frame sets up with an Allen key so you save on installation and dismantle costs.

Inliten is structural, yet sleek to allow graphics and branding to stand out.


The ultimate in merchandising

Inliten has been specially engineered to support your products and display your message. Its sleek, streamlined design puts the focus on your brand and products.


Graphics command attention

Skyline produces the highest quality, most durable graphics to give you the best brand presentation over and over again.

Inliten can give your marketing message real interest and depth with the option of layered graphics. Each Inliten section can host multiple layers of fabrics and graphics that are opaque or translucent.

Inliten Fabric graphic panels are lightweight, pack small and attach quickly and easily.


Unique packing system

The Inliten case was designed to keep Inliten components secure during shipping so your display will look great every time you take it out. The case has wheels for easy transport and will hold most 6x3m display configurations. Smaller cases are also available for smaller display configurations.


Easy to reconfigure and expand

Inliten is versatile and can be reconfigured from show to show or to fit your changing needs over time.

As you grow, your needs change. Inliten can grow with you. Just add more components to create a larger display solution. Rent or purchase additional parts to create larger back wall or island exhibits.

Alternatively use portions of your larger display system to create a variety of smaller display configurations appropriate for your different show space requirements.

With Inliten you get a consistent look without the need to invest in multiple display systems.

Inliten Reconfigurable Display 1
Inliten Reconfigurable Display 2
Inliten Reconfigurable Display 3
Inliten Reconfigurable Display 4


Customise your Inliten display system with stylish and functional accessories

Skyline will design a tailored Inliten display solution for you – to suit your space, branding and/or functional requirements. Here are just some of the Inliten accessory options:

  • Lights to make your graphics and space pop!
  • Seamlessly integrate large Monitors, iPad’s, Tablets and other Audio Visual presentation devices
  • Shelving for literature or product
  • Marquee Headers for additional branding space
  • Cable Suspended Graphics for added depth or messaging that will regularly change
  • Apparel racks & Peg bars
  • Slimline counters & workstations to facilitate transactions and conversation
  • Fabric Structures for high level signage and impact

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