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Fabric Display Structures

Fabric Structures

Rise above the trade show clutter and your competition with a Skyline Fabric Structure.

Attract attendees to your display booth with eye-popping graphics and colour at a scale that is sure to impress.



Skyline Fabric Structures are lightweight and designed to integrate with Skyline’s structural display solutions including Envoy, Inliten, SkyTruss and Tube Systems or can be rigged from your trade show venue’s ceiling.

Assembles with ease

The Fabric Structures’ sturdy frame assembles easily. The fabric graphic simply pulls over the frame and is secured with a zipper.

Graphics that pop!

All our Fabric Structures have full colour graphics with an opaque, light-blocking backer to prevent your graphics from looking ‘washed out.’ The backing locks in the colour and means your graphics will be vibrant and sharp.

Packs compactly

Fabric Structures pack into sturdy cases that protect your investment. Our cases have wheels for easy transport and fabric graphics come in a durable nylon bag that keeps them looking great for years.

Save on operating costs!

Save time and money by suspending Fabric Structures from Skyline Envoy, Inliten, SkyTruss or Tube display structures and towers.

You get all of the impact without the delay, the hassle, and expensive installation costs associated with rigging structures from show hall ceilings. Suspending Fabric Structures from Skyline Structural system also allows you to add motion by adding a rotating motor!


All shapes and sizes

We have a wide selection of standard Fabric Structure models in a variety of shapes and sizes. All models can be supported by Skyline structural display systems or can be suspended from exhibit hall ceilings.

Fabric Structures are perfect for creating height, visibility and interest for your display space on the busy trade show floor.

Custom solutions

Skyline has a variety of ways to customise your fabric structure.

  • Add lighting to make your structure ‘pop’
  • Single-sided or double-sided graphic branding
  • When suspended from a Skyline structural solution we can add motion via rotating motors
  • Looking for a unique size or shape we can customise a solution for you on request


Skyline Fabric Structures

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